3D Cartoon modeling and animation for games and other media.



  • Scalable - With a big team of professionals we cater for small to huge projects and our solution can scale as your project grows.
  • Affordable - We’re economically located to offer competitive rates that will enable your budget to achieve so much more.
  • Talent -A vast skillset that includes modeling, texturing, rigging, lighting, animation, motion capture, programming and project management.
  • Technologies -Supporting a wide range of technologies and platforms such as Perception Neuron, Microsoft HoloLens, Oculus Rift.

Captivate and engage your audience

3D animated characters and worlds have the ability to capture the imagination like no other medium. Tell your story using a medium that speaks to all ages, cultures and backgrounds.



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Our Team

We are a young, dynamic team of experts with a passion for the industry. Collaboration, dedication, and attention to detail are at the heart of our company. Our vision is to become a global industry leader able to provide a fulfilled life experience for our employees.

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gear-vr_logoWe develop highly optimized simulators and demos for the Gear VR and it's controllers.

OculusLogoWe develop high performance immersive experiences for the Oculus rift virtual reality platform using Asus Turbo-GTX1080.

UnityLogoOur game and simulator projects are developed exclusively on the world leading Unity game development platform.

PerceptionNeuronLogoOur motion capture studio utilizes the Perception Neuron real-time MOCAP system.

iOSWe develop highly optimized simulators for the entire range of iOS devices.

AndroidWe develop highly optimized simulators for the entire range of Android devices.

LeapMotionThe Leap Motion hand tracking system is an integral part of our VR solutions.

LeapMotionWe develop the latest in Augmented reality via Microsoft Hololens.

Our Location

Our head office is located in Cape Town, a winner of the the prestigious design capital of the world accolade. We are ideally geographically located to offer world leading expertise at a fraction of the usual cost with an internationally accessable time zone. Our UK sales office is ideally located to service the UK and European territories.
Cape Town Unit 105, Level 5, Touchstone Building
7 Bree street
Central Business District
Cape Town
Western Cape
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